Student Development Advisor - Lutheran School of Nursing

St. Louis, MO

We are South City Hospital. Our primary function is to offer continuous nursing, medical, and other health and social services on a 24-hour basis, under physician directed care and RN supervision.

We service a multitude of patients and their families across our vast network, while remaining committed to the professional development of our staff, the functional improvement of our patients, and the cultivation of strong partnerships within our communities. 


  • Essential/stable and growing company with many opportunities for training and advancement within the medical field that all employees and team members (including Full-Time and Part-Time) can benefit from. 
  • Hourly pay is negotiable based on experience. We offer competitive market pay and opportunities for bonus depending on great work performance (bonuses only apply for Full Time). 
  • Comprehensive Employee Benefits: Full-Time employees are eligible for various plans for medical, dental, and vision insurance. 

The Student Development Advisor is responsible for directing and supervising all student services and coordinating their services for the total School of Nursing program.  The SDA implements the overall student service program through individual counseling, group guidance and counseling, academic advising, student development activities, orientation, student leadership activities, and other programs deemed desirable based on the needs of the students and the school.  The SDA is responsible for developing and maintaining the residence as a positive learning environment for all students.


  • Serve as a student advocate, promoting the legitimate needs of the students in academic, personal, and social issues.
  • Formulate and implement a comprehensive student development program in accord with the overall objectives and needs of the students and school.  Develop programs, which focus on students’ growth and development in the areas of personal and professional understanding and awareness.
  • Organize the faculty mentor program in which students are assigned to faculty members, as a part of the overall student development program.
  • Develop and implement an orientation program for new and returning students.  Program to include intensive orientation activities at the start of the new school year and extended orientation in the form of a series of labs during the first semester of the program, and seminars that focus on orientation to the world of work and professionalism.
  • Assist in carrying out the orientation program for faculty and staff, as determined by the school's orientation plan.
  • Serve as a voting member of the Admissions, Promotions, and Academic Standards Committee.  Participate as a member of inter/intra department committees as appointed.
  • Coordinates services provided by student workers (hire, train, supervise student workers).
  • Participate in, is supportive of, and creates a calendar of students and formal school activities, such as graduation and Student Body Government Association activities.
  • Serve as major advisor to Student Body Government Association.
  • Provide individual and group counseling services to assist students in their understanding and resolution of adjustment problems of a personal and social nature.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the counselee's personal concerns until such time that it becomes necessary to inform the Directory of Nursing Education of severe student problems, which might jeopardize the individual student's health and welfare, or that of other students, the school, and/or the community.
  • Recommend referral of any student with severe emotional problems or specialized problems to agencies when the need arises with input and recommendation of Director.
  • Keep the Director of Nursing Education informed of student needs, problems, and activities.
  • Coordinate housing arrangements:  housing applications, requests, room assignments.  Develop and supervise student Resident Assistant program.
  • Maintain the efficient operation of the residence building and its furnishings by working with all relevant maintenance, housekeeping, and security personnel.
  • Investigate reports of disturbances and misconduct in residence and attempts to resolve causes of conflict.
  • Perform disciplinary and counseling functions concerning rule infractions when necessary.
  • Supervise residence receptionists.  Work directly with them to coordinate procedures for implementing policies of school and residence, and to follow up on student problems and/or concerns.
  • Employee has read and comprehended the companies and Lutheran School of Nursing’s handbook. 
  • Employee understands that compliance with the Title IV Program is a condition of employment, and violation of any principles or practices of this program will result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • A Master's degree in guidance and /or counseling from a recognized college or university is required.  Updates skills and knowledge through regular continuing education programs.
  • Must have knowledge and ability to develop, monitor, and promote student success strategies and programs to increase persistence, retention, and academic success for all students.  Will oversee the delivery of the Orientation and manage Student Activities, Disability Support Services, Career Services, Mental Health, and Behavioral Intervention.  This position will oversee the student discipline process and problem-solve issues and challenges as they occur.  Responsible for the student handbook and school bulletin and other school publications.
  • Affiliation with the American Association for Counseling and Development (AACD) and its branch.  American College Personnel Association (ACPA) and Association of Nursing Colleges Student Affairs Administrators are recommended.
  • Counseling, student personnel, and administrative experience are recommended.
  • Counseling and effective listening skills, managerial techniques, oral and written communication skills, interpersonal relations skills, teaching principles and skills, and group counseling techniques.  Ability to motivate self and others to participate in student development programs.  Desire to contribute to the overall development of student success.  The SDA should remain current in professional issues and research in job-related areas.
  • Must possess the skills to appropriately respond to unpredictable situations and changing circumstances on a daily basis.  Program development, public speaking, professional phone skills, and workshop/classroom presentation skills.  Must possess strong written and communication skills and exercise independent judgment.
  • An individual without requisites stated above may present a written justification explaining the relevance of his/her background for a specific vacant position.  Depending on organizational needs and the availability of more qualified applicants, an applicant may have some or all requisites revised or waived at the hospital’s discretion.