Nuclear Medicine Technologist - PRN

St. Louis, MO

We are South City Hospital. Our primary function is to offer continuous nursing, medical, and other health and social services on a 24-hour basis, under physician directed care and RN supervision.

We service a multitude of patients and their families across our vast network, while remaining committed to the professional development of our staff, the functional improvement of our patients, and the cultivation of strong partnerships within our communities. 


  • Essential/stable and growing company with many opportunities for training and advancement within the medical field that all employees and team members (including Full-Time and Part-Time) can benefit from. 
  • Hourly pay is negotiable based on experience. We offer competitive market pay and opportunities for bonus depending on great work performance (bonuses only apply for Full Time). 
  • Comprehensive Employee Benefits: Full-Time employees are eligible for various plans for medical, dental, and vision insurance. 

The nuclear medicine technologist performs all diagnostic procedures requiring the use of radioactive isotopes.  These include such procedures as radio isotope imaging including nuclear cardiology, single photon image and tomography and radioactive iodine and uptake examinations.


Ensures that all patients receive appropriate and safe treatment.

Maintains accurate and comprehensive on-going records established in accordance with the standards set up by the Department of Radiology.

Is proficient in performing diagnostic nuclear medicine examinations in accordance with the standards set up by the Department of Radiology.

Assesses problem areas relating to the department and works with the administrative director and radiation safety officer on timely solutions to those problems.

Attends quarterly Radiation Safety Committee meetings.

Maintains confidentiality of patient information.

Ensures cleanliness of Nuclear Medicine equipment and examination rooms according to department standards.

Performs diagnostic radiology examinations, if so trained, when the duties of the nuclear medicine department have been satisfied.

Periodically and regularly survey work area for radioactive contamination and record these readings and call it to the attention of the administrative director of radiology, radiologist and radiation safety officer, any readings above background level.

Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Graduate of an approved school of nuclear medicine technology and registry eligible or certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. (If registry eligible must pass registry within 6 months of graduation date.)
  • Must have knowledge of growth and development and show clinical expertise for the ages of patients served, including child, adolescent, adult and geriatric.  Possesses the ability to react effectively to these patients' needs.
  • Must be certified with the ARRT or certification eligibility with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.  Must pass the registry within 6 months of the graduation date.
  • Must be familiar with all radioactive isotope examinations established in the Nuclear Medicine Protocol Manual.   Must be familiar with computerized radio isotope studies and must have familiarity with other specialized equipment such as Dose Calibrators and thyroid uptake systems.  Must have a working knowledge of NRC requirements.
  • Must be familiar with N.R.C. regulations.
  • Be familiar with all Nuclear Medicine Procedures as established by department protocol manual.
  • Must be able to organize her work in order to meet the demands of the department.
  • Must be familiar and practice radiation safety according to A.L.A.R.A. standards.
  • Good communication skills required.