Clinical Dietician - Part Time

St. Louis, MO

We are South City Hospital. Our primary function is to offer continuous nursing, medical, and other health and social services on a 24-hour basis, under physician directed care and RN supervision.

We service a multitude of patients and their families across our vast network, while remaining committed to the professional development of our staff, the functional improvement of our patients, and the cultivation of strong partnerships within our communities. 


  • Essential/stable and growing company with many opportunities for training and advancement within the medical field that all employees and team members (including Full-Time and Part-Time) can benefit from. 
  • Hourly pay is negotiable based on experience. We offer competitive market pay and opportunities for bonus depending on great work performance (bonuses only apply for Full Time). 
  • Comprehensive Employee Benefits: Full-Time employees are eligible for various plans for medical, dental, and vision insurance. 

We are looking for a PRN Clinical Dietician to join our team.  This position will be responsible for providing patients with optimal nutritional care and educates medical professionals utilizing, in both instances, the current science of nutrition.  


  • Accurately formulates nutritional assessments and assesses the appropriateness of diet based on physiologic and psychological needs as obtained from medical charts, patient interviews, laboratory data and anthropometric measurements.  Communicates recommendations to physician via patient chart in a timely manner.
  • Monitors and accurately documents changes in patients’ nutritional status, tolerance and/or nutrient intake and recommends, and/or implements changes as appropriate.
  • As deemed necessary, educates patients and/or significant other on dietary needs.  Documents completion of education and patients comprehension of information in patients chart in an accurate timely manner.
  • Performs continuous quality improvement functions as indicated by department program and procedures.
  • Organizes in-services on nutrition for clinical dietetic staff, nursing staff and/or medical staff as assigned.  Is always friendly and helpful when educating staff.
  • As assigned, develops or revises educational materials appropriate for the hospital patient population within determined length of time.
  • Ensures screening, nutritional assessments, nutritional intervention, competency for the staff Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians, diet office workers, and food service workers. 
  • Coordinates the diet office, menu/recipe system and patient tray service.  
  • Develops and initiates the orientation program for all new Food and Nutrition employees. 
  •  Actively participates in committee initiatives, such as the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Ethics Committee, Discharge Planning, and Length of Stay. 
  • Maintains required department records (patient and/or other), reports, statistics and files in accordance with established procedures in an accurate and legible manner.
  • Works closely with Director of Food Service as needed.
  • Maintains clinical policy and procedures.
  • Maintains Registered Dietitian designation through appropriate and pertinent continuing education.


  • Four-year bachelor degree in dietetics/food and nutrition from an accredited program.
  • Current registration or registry eligible with the American Dietetic Association.
  • Must be a registered dietitian in Missouri.
  • Minimum one year experience
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Excellent personal and organizational skills.
  • Good numerical ability.
















         15. Performs other duties as assigned. __________________________________________________________________________________________